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Bell X1 project

First edition of the Bell X-1 stool, signed by b29 Architects.


The Bell X-1 stool is the result of meticulous studies of the b29 team. A folded metal, three damper pads to ensure comfort -inspired by those found on Eames chairs-,  and a wooden circular plate. With its clear, industrial aesthetics and its original bright orange colour, it leaves no doubt about its intentions. Bell x1 is the name of the first supersonic aircraft to cross the sound barrier, 19 January 1946. To achieve such speed , it had to be drop launched from the bomb bay of a modified B-29 Superfortress. It was a historical moment that will remain alive in our memories, in the same way as the moon landing 23 years later. A fantastic source of inspiration for the team of b29 who have already created several series of the stool.



Colors available : Orange / Black

Limited and numbered series : 40 orange / 10 black

Available from : 12.03.2014

Order by phone at 0041.22.320.87.46

or by email at info@b29.ch

Price : 260.- TTC


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